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In one convenient kit, CalChamber provides a two-poster set with mandatory updates to required employment notices for 2012.

The Mr. Hollandís Opus Foundation

Do you have a musical instrument that is collecting dust? If so, you may want to consider sending it to The Mr. Hollandís Opus Foundation. They are improving and motivating thousands of lives with new and gently used instruments. They are keeping music education alive in our schools, inspiring creativity and expression. You can purchase a new musical instrument here, and have it shipped directly to the foundation.


Our teams are continually developing and refining exclusive business tools to gain efficiencies and to contain costs and develop business growth for our clients.

These efforts and business successes have resulted in a suite of Opti-ToolsSM, including Opti-MetricsSM, Opti-DashSM, Opti-ResultsSM and Opti-360SM. These tools provide a tried and true framework and guideposts for improving your business. They are adaptable, agile and affordable.

Since we have resolved an array of complex challenges, both unique and common, for our clients, we have built the foundation to guide you towards solutions that fit your business. We don't need to start at square one, and neither do you. To learn more about our proprietaty business tools, contact a member of our leadership team.

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